At ROOMY candles, we believe a great smelling room can transform your home into a personal oasis.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, ROOMY candles founder Doug found himself at home frustrated by candles that either burned too quickly or weren't strong enough to fill the room with aroma. What originally started as a passion project of experimenting with wax and different scents, eventually turned into a plan to make a product he loved and could share with family and friends. 

Throughout the process, Doug would reach out to his best friend Roberta for help with marketing the brand. After a year of working closely together on campaigns and testing scents, the pair realized this small business was ready for expansion and Doug brought Roberta on as a co-owner. 

Today ROOMY candles is an LGBTQ+ and female Latina owned small business by two best friends who are on a mission to fill your spaces with our incredible scents and light your home with love.